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Our CEO Message

Shalini Kasliwal

CEO, JoinEight Inc.

Being a part of the talent industry for two decades and involved in talent scouting, the most critical thing that I found matters is a cultural fit. It is the essential human element that premier recruiters look for while hiring. Culture fit is the bond that holds a group together and keeps them on the same page, even during disruptive periods and stressful situations.

We have combined the AI & Algorithms and human connection to work the way you think. JoinEight is here to make a positive difference to the hiring metric of your company.

"Companies believe that hiring and branding are different, when, in fact, hiring is branding."

Shalini Kasliwal

CEO, JoinEight Inc.

JoinEight Engagement Tracking Software

Personalize Your Candidate Engagement

Engagement Tracking Software is a single, integrated platform that is purpose-built to deliver personalized candidate engagement and real-time decision-making. It works across all candidate touchpoints, integrating channels, context, and the ability to optimize your workforce and processes. It connects to systems of record, including financial, HR, and CRM solutions. This fluid, flexible platform scales easily as hiring requirements evolve.

Customer Engagement

Design exceptional relationships with all your candidates

  • Digital
  • Inbound
  • Outbound

Employee Engagement

Empower your staff to be the CEO of your candidate engagement journey

  • Visibility
  • Collaboration
  • Decision Making

Business Optimization

Run your business as a smart business

  • Analytics
  • Platform
  • Integration

Deliver Gold-Standard Experiences

Today and Tomorrow

JoinEight ETS Platform Portfolio deploys in the cloud. No matter what size your company is today or how fast you want to grow, the JoinEight ETS Platform delivers a consistent, seamless, and personalized next-generation candidate experience across all touchpoints, channels, and interactions.

Pure Gold

Deliver better candidate experiences with this cloud-based, all-in-one communications with a flexible architecture and features that are easy to learn and use.

Pure Connect

Deliver an exceptional candidate experience, simplify administration, increase operational performance, and reduce total cost of ownership with an all-in-one platform.

Pure Engagement

Take advantage of global high availability, unlimited scalability, customization, and integration capabilities in an engagement tracking software.

Nine Pillars of JoinEight

Our Philosophy: “Make Your Employees CEO of Every Moment”

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