What is predict intelligence platform?

JoinEight People Predict an AI-driven, data-centric platform that gathers, syncs, and learns from the sourcing behavior and delivers better engagement, at any scale.

Improve your time and cost per hire by 40-50%

Reduce cost per hire by increasing engagement

1 Software Engineer Hire in San Francisco

  • $150,000
    (Base Salary)
  • =
  • $15,000
    (Interview cost)
  • +
  • $10,000
  • =
  • $25,000

On average customers can save $350,000/year hiring cost


People Predict Recruiting

People Predict technology finds potential candidates that you didn’t know existed and much more likely to be interested in your company. Our algorithms match your best existing employees on multiple targeting data points, including data points only discovered and analyzed by computers.

Transformation tool that provides an avenue for companies to access a large candidate funnel through people’s untapped networks. Dry pipeline to be a no longer challenge.

Candidate Mapping Sourcing

Stop judging candidates based on resume. Candidate mapping eliminates the unconscious bias from the hiring process. Instead of relying on skills match profiles, a candidate mapping is based on data points that are generated by a computer from its own first-hand analysis of businesses and all available employees and data.

Our algorithms adjust every time it gets feedback on the leads it discovers.

Engagement Tracking System

JoinEight’s Engagement Tracking System that facilitates this initial conversation through an informal f2f or video meeting.

It allows companies to understand and assess candidates better while also sharing with them the vision and objectives of the organization in an early stage. Engagement tracking can reduce your time and cost per hire by 40-50%.

Our mobile application helps you manage and track your f2f informal events

Our smart software tracks all your engagement metrics. So all you have to do is order the food and drinks.

People Predict Recruiting (PPR)

Create a Campaign

PPR uses AI/ML to find out candidates that are a close match with your campaign.

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Earn a referral reward for every contact that matches with a company.

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