The easy way to grow your hiring pipeline and discover top talent

Increase engagement. Grow your pipeline. Hire faster.

The challenge

We know how hard it is to find qualified candidates, scale your team, and hit your goals. As recruitment leaders, we've experienced the frustration of a dry pipeline and felt how devastating it is to momentum when an offer is declined.

Our solution

The JoinEight platform connects you with candidates face-to-face, at scale. More interpersonal interaction early on in the process enables you to better assess candidates for culture-fit. We also fill your funnel with a fresh source of talent.

Why JoinEight Solution?

Go beyond resumes

JoinEight gives you the power of our comprehensive database of professionals and advanced matching algorithms. Our ML-powered algorithms make it super easy to connect with the right audience.

You can access active and passive talent profiles with the click of a button. JoinEight makes discovering and connecting with talent face-to easy.

Diversify your talent pool

The JoinEight experience is a new way to supercharge your recruiting team and upgrade your hiring funnel. Discover talent, learn from customers, or build your brand by giving people a way to connect on a more personal level with your company.

See-through the limited window resumes provide and reduce unconscious bias through interpersonal connection.

Discover untapped people-powered recruiting

Discover and connect with top global candidates who don't show up via traditional recruiting methods with JoinEight's groundbreaking people-powered recruiting "PPR" search tool.

People-powered recruiting allows anyone to upload their contacts and have our AI/ML algorithms match those contacts to companies looking for talent.

Make a smart and logical decision

The hiring process is critical for company growth. It's essential to add intelligence to your candidate searches, as well as align hiring managers and recruiting teams to outmaneuver the competition in finding top talent.

Our analytics and reports keep you up to date on what tool is working for you. Grow your credibility and gain the upper hand with actionable insights about people, roles, and talent pools.