Streamline the Hiring Process

Improve Efficiency While Saving Cost And Time

CTS Features

Customizable Career Site

Companies can talk about themselves and attract the right set of candidates through the career page using blogs, pictures and videos, and even link their social media accounts.

Resume Management & Parsing

The CTS creates a database of candidate details with their resumes. It even accepts data available with the company. Easily manage and track the candidate hiring process through this data.


The centralized dashboard shows all candidate data and reduces the need for managing multiple spreadsheets and emails. Find all candidate tracking, progress, updates, analytics here.

Candidate Tracking

Hiring executives can communicate with candidates directly from the dashboard via emails and update the recruitment status for other stakeholders too. Keep track of candidate progress by modifying interview stages.

External Partners

Incorporate external partners with a unique link to upload resumes directly to the JoinEight system. Keep a track of the source of these submissions as well.