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Why is Culture Fit Important?

Studies have found that employees who share the values of the company and fit in with the culture tend to show higher job satisfaction, job performance, and also stay for longer.

At JoinEight, we encourage companies to look beyond the resume and interact with potential candidates in a social setting. Your candidates also get to know your company and its values while you can assess how they respond to your culture.

Our Story

JoinEight is addressing and solving the biggest challenge in hiring by bringing the human connection back to the core of the process. Résumés can identify skills and knowledge but not who we are as people. JoinEight platform connects companies to professionals who can be a future hire, customer, vendor or just another LinkedIn connection. It lets you showcase and your brand to high-quality candidates and engage with it attracting them to become employees.

We have combined the best of technology and human connection to work the way you think. JoinEight is here to make a positive difference to the hiring metric of your company. These are not mere words. It’s a JoinEight Commitment.

“Companies believe that hiring and branding are different, when, in fact, hiring is branding.”

Rajapandian Algarswamy
VP of Engineering
Bengaluru, IN
Gauravjeet Singh Bhatti
Cheif Architect
Bengaluru, IN
Arjun Pal
UI Designer
Bengaluru, IN
Nidheesh Damodar
QA Engineer
Bengaluru, IN
Samarth Jain
India Business Operations
Bengaluru, IN

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